Conservatory Security

Let’s face it, nobody wants an unsecured conservatory. Not only is a conservatory another room of your house but it’s also a route into the rest of your property. Therefore, conservatory security is essential. Here at Global Windows, we know better than anyone the importance of securing your conservatory and your home along with it. So, we ensure to use a range of excellent security hardware on each area of our conservatories.

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  • Conservatory window locks

    As windows are commonly targeted by would-be intruders to force entry to your home, you can be certain that the windows on your conservatory will be targets for them too. Fortunately, on every window we install, you’ll find that they are kept secure by the quality multipoint locks that we fit. Multipoint locks tightly secure the door or window to their respective frames at various points, significantly weakening the effectiveness of any forced entry attempts.

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    Conservatory door locks

    French & patio doors can both be used as the entrance door to a conservatory. But, no matter which option you prefer, you can still expect a secure conservatory. This is because we fit all of them with a high-quality multipoint locking system as standard too. Every multipoint lock we fit is also fully compliant with British Standards for security.

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    Toughened safety glass

    Although our standard double glazing is highly secure, we bolster the strength of our conservatories by using toughened safety glass. Our uPVC & aluminium bifold doors are also equipped with it as standard. Toughened glass actually consists of two or more layers of glass which are held together by an interlayer. Considerably stronger than standard glass, it’s also designed to break in a safe manner, where individual glass pieces are held together.

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    Internal glazing

    Many of our window options come with internal glazing, whilst our bifold doors also utilise this excellent security feature. What internal glazing essentially means is that the glazing bead of the window/door is located on the inside of the frame and is unable to be accessed from outside. This prevents a would-be intruder from removing any glass externally.

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