Door Buying Guide

1. Door installation

As well as the issues listed above, door replacement quality can also be compromised by a misted glass unit within the door (failure of glazing seals), timber frames warping or rotting, plastic discolouration, or the door becoming squeaky when being opened and closed.

Often caused by poor workmanship, faulty installation, and/or low-quality door products, this flags up the importance of researching a range of local installers before taking the next step.

Look out for encouraging trust signals, such as:

black aluminium bifold doors
Sliding doors

2. Door material

Today, doors are most commonly available in three materials: contemporary aluminium, versatile uPVC and classic timber. Composite doors, however, are now the most popular entrance door choice for UK homeowners.

Composite front doors

At Global, our composite doors combine traditional aesthetics with modern technology benefits. Unparalleled energy efficiency is guaranteed thanks to a thermally insulated core and a GRP (glass reinforced polyester) skin. Not only are they long lasting with high levels of durability and strength, they are available in 24 different styles so we are certain there is a style match your property.

uPVC front and back doors

Our uPVC doors can be fitted as both front and back entrances. uPVC doors are a firm favourite for homeowners, and when we outline the benefits, it’s not hard to understand why. uPVC windows are:

• Cost-effective

• Strong & Secure

• Easy to Maintain

• Great for Insulation

• Energy Efficient

Aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium is an inherently strong material. Due to its superior strength, slimline frames can be used to accommodate large sections of glazing, thus reducing obstructions, and creating expansive exterior views. Aluminium bifolds help to maximise natural light intake and create a stunning focal point to your home.

Timber doors

Timber doors, despite their natural beauty, are often more expensive than other materials and require extra maintenance due to their cellular make up. Modern innovations, however, mean that you don’t have to compromise on your desired natural aesthetic to reap the benefits of uPVC or aluminium doors. All of our doors can be finished in a wide variety of colours and wood grain effect surfaces. Whether you want a traditional look or a more contemporary finish; there’s sure to be the perfect colour to match your home and your personal taste.

3. Door security

There are no half-measures when it comes to the safety and security of your home. Utilising superbly strong door profiles, you can rest easy that your home is secured against the most strong-willed of intruders. Plus, with our double glazing being toughened and laminated as standard, you can sleep soundly with a Global Windows door upgrade.

Your doors are only as strong as their locks, which is why we use the highest quality Elite locking systems from DGS. For absolute peace of mind, our locking systems meet the highest British 3-star standard.

Kubu Smart Lock

With modern technology, the opportunity to install the highest security smart-locking systems easier than ever before. Gone are the days of asking yourself "Have I locked my door?" We’ve all been there! At Global Windows, we strive to keep your home as safe and sound as possible – in fact, it’s our number one priority. At the cutting edge of smart home technology, with Kubu* say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to peace-of-mind.

Security points to consider when installing new doors:

• Have they passed PAS 24 security tests?

*Kubu lock not avaiable on stable, patio or bifolding doors.

Find out more about door security
kubu smartphone app
Windows and composite doors installation in Sheffield & Yorkshire Retford

4. Door styles

It’s essential to choose a door style that complements and enhances your Yorkshire home. However, this doesn’t mean having to stick with the same style of door. At Global Windows, we have a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Whether you want a new front door or a wide opening entrance to your garden or patio area; Global Windows have got you covered. From ultra-secure composite doors to sleek and attractive bi-fold doors; with Global Windows, every installation is a successful one. Visit our product pages and find out more about the best door for your home improvement plans.

uPVC front and back doors

Composite doors

Aluminium bifold doors

French doors

Sliding patio doors

Stable doors

Discover our door styles

5. Door energy efficiency

The way replacement doors increase kerb appeal, as well as home security, is definitely worth the investment. But have you thought about the energy savings you could be making too? Click here to see how we can really show you just how energy efficient our doors are.

Whilst considering new doors for your home you may have come across the term ‘argon filled’ or ‘argon injected’ a few times in your research. Here at Global Windows, we pride ourselves on being industry experts, providing the best home improvement solutions for our customers in South Yorkshire. Discover why we use argon gas and why it’s a staple feature in making our doors more energy efficient.

Each door frame that we install is energy efficient, which is undoubtedly helped by the injection of argon gas. Using double glazing as standard, with an option to upgrade to triple glazing, means you can enjoy a warmer, safer home from Global Windows whilst saving on your heating bills.

Oak effect french doors

6. Door building regulations

A door is considered as a 'controlled fitting' in building regulation terms so it carries standards on what you can install to your property.

Houses have to be energy efficient, so if you use a glazed door, it must not exceed the minimum required U-value. The U-value refers to how much heat is transferred through a component from the inside to the outside of a building. Current building regulations state that all doors including glass and the frame must achieve a U-value of 1.8 W/m² or less to comply with building regulations.

You don’t need to worry though, because when you use a CERTASS registered installer (like us!) we will take care of all of this for you.

7. Door planning permission

Planning permission is not usually required to replace doors unless your home is a listed building or located within a conservation area, another designated area, or falls under an Article 4 Directive. It will depend on your specific area, so it's always worth double-checking with your local planning office or a local windows and doors expert.

As long as your home isn’t subject to an Article 4 Directive then you can, in theory, replace your existing windows and doors. The key thing here is that you replace them with windows and doors that are of a similar appearance to those that were used within the construction of the property.
Using an accredited installer, like Global Windows, means that we can help with all of your planning permission concerns.

aluminium bifold doors interior view
New patio door installation

8. Door maintenance

In today’s fast-paced world, nobody wants to waste their precious time on maintaining their doors; we all have better things to be getting on with! At Global Windows, we are proud to offer door materials that are naturally low maintenance. Our uPVC, aluminium, and composite doors only require a quick wipe down with a damp cloth once in a while to keep them looking as good as the day they were fitted.

Despite all of our doors being extremely low maintenance, we do recommend oiling the locking mechanism and the hinges every so often to keep them in top working order. You can find out more in our maintenance guide

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