Sunrooms for homes in Yorkshire and beyond

  • Sunrooms create a transitional space between the home and the garden
  • Typically installed in south facing positions to allow them to capture the most sunlight possible
  • Characterised by being made from 75-90% framed glazing, letting in as much natural light as possible
  • Sunrooms tend to feature pitched roofs to welcome the light in, but can have a flat roof
  • Available in a wide range of colour options
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Exceptionally thermally efficient sunrooms

Also known as a sun lounge, garden room, patio room, or sun porch, sunrooms are defined as ‘A room with large windows and sometimes a glass roof designed to allow in a lot of sunlight.’ If you want an extended living area that is flooded with natural light then a sunroom could be the extension of choice for you. Since our glazed roofs are thermally efficient and solar controlled, your new sunroom will stay warmer during the colder months and reflect excessive heat from the sun during the summer, ensuring it won’t overheat. What’s more, our glass roofs are also self-cleaning which means you can enjoy year-round comfort with absolutely no hassle when you choose to install a sunroom.

The sunroom installer for Sheffield and Yorkshire

For two decades, we’ve been proud to serve the county of Yorkshire and its great cities. Our long and consistent commitment to second-to-none service is reflected in our excellent customer reviews and repeat business throughout Yorkshire, Sheffield, and beyond.

Sleek and stylish sunrooms for your home

The term ‘sunroom’ originates from the U.S and Canada, and what we class as a sunroom today is more along the lines of a traditional UK-style conservatory - a largely glazed structure that keeps brickwork to a minimum and incorporates a transparent roof. Modern technology means that you can enjoy a sunroom extension designed mostly with glass whilst being ‘A’ rated for energy-efficiency, ultra-secure, and self cleaning.

When you install a sunroom from Global Windows, you create a luxurious living area for you and your family to enjoy that is flooded with natural light. A sunroom can provide a panoramic view of your outdoor space for you to enjoy even on the rainiest of days. Our sunrooms are extremely secure and energy-efficient and will be an asset to any home. Choose your sunroom's entrance from our range of doors and for the ultimate in performance, upgrade your windows to triple glazing.

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    At Global Windows, our products have a wealth of high-quality features. When it comes to choosing the best windows, doors, and glazed extensions, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From glazing to frames, we offer an array of options on all our product range.

    • Suitable for all types of property
    • Can be used all year round
    • ‘A’ WER (Window Energy Rating) as standard
    • Bright and airy interior design
    • Ultra secure and self cleaning glass
    • Excellent weather resistance
    • Solar controlled glazing to ensure a comfortable temperature all year around
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    Glass Roof conservatory


    All our sunrooms are ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency as standard. They will help to create a warmer home and save you money on reduced heating bills. The solar controlled glass also regulates the sun's rays, meaning your sunroom won't overheat or become unbearably hot on those sunny summer days.

    Energy efficiency is an important consideration for all homeowners. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and help to protect the environment for future generations. There are many ways to do this, by regularly recycling and reducing our waste. You can also help by choosing the most energy efficient products for your home improvement projects.

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    A rated roofs and glazing


    Home security is perhaps the most important factor when you want to improve your home. At Global Windows, we share your concerns which is why we never compromise on the safety and security of our products. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the high-security standards the industry demands.

    Our sunrooms all achieve excellent levels of security. They are strong and robust, creating an almost impenetrable layer to your home.

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    Secure, strong and reliable roof tiles


    Whether you live in a modern or period property, a large or small home; we can offer expert advice on the best type of glass to complement the style, character, and time period your property was built.

    Thermally efficient, self-cleaning, solar controlled glass available in a range of shades.

    Benefits include:

  • Up to 60% reflection from the sun's heat rays
  • 53% reduction from the sun's glare
  • Internal temperature reduction for easy all round living
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    glass conservatory roof

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