Roofline Products: Fascias, Soffits, Cladding & more

It is extremely important to ensure that your home’s roofline is kept in good condition. Soffits and fascias prevent water from entering your property while guttering allows water to drain away from your roof. Stop any problems of damp or water ingress before they begin with replacement roofline from Global Windows.

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Improve your home’s appearance

When you install new roofline from Global Windows, you’ll massively enhance the exterior aesthetic of your home. We offer a range of decorative finishes to suit all styles of property. Well cared for roofline will protect your home and be a true asset if you decide to sell your property.

High performance roofline

Roofline from Global Windows will improve your home’s exterior protection and protect your property’s structural integrity. All our roofline is connected using weather proof seals to prevent any water ingress. Our roofline is designed to direct rain water away from your property using smooth flowing channels made from durable, sustainable uPVC.

Roofline is perhaps one of the most difficult areas of the home to maintain. Without a ladder and a steady pair of legs, it is easy to neglect. Fortunately, our roofline products are extremely low maintenance. They are designed to protect your home and other than vital repair work will need next to no maintenance to keep them functioning at an extremely high standard.

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