A better, brighter Barnsley for all

With a brief 35-minute drive from Sheffield to Barnsley straight up the M1, this former industrial town has now transformed into a hub for major companies who’ve taken up residence on reclaimed former coal mining sites. The town centre, positioned on the west bank of the picturesque Dearne Valley, is now developing towards a thriving service economy. With 5 marvellous museums to explore, Barnsley’s rural landscape includes the historic Barnsley Colliery, the Trans Pennine Trail and Wentworth Castle to name but a few.

Most famous for its coal mining heritage and brass bands (portrayed in the British 1996 film ‘Brassed Off’), Barnsley is also well-known for its live rock and hip-hop scene which peaked in the ‘Britpop’ years of the late 1990’s. Boasting one of the largest further higher education colleges in Europe, you may (or may not) be aware that two band members from the English rock band Arctic Monkeys studied music here!