Conservatory buying guide for Sheffield & South Yorkshire

Once your conservatory has been installed, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy it. However, if you haven’t been given the correct advice or carried out enough research to begin with, problems can occur. Avoid conservatory headaches with this helpful buying guide.

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1. Conservatory build quality

Conservatory build quality can be compromised by loose panes or cracks that occur after the installation, typically attributed to poor workmanship, faulty installation and/or low-quality conservatory products. So, first and foremost, you need to research a range of local installers before taking the next step.

Look out for encouraging trust signals, such as:

  • relevant industry memberships and accreditations
  • product and installation guarantees
  • an image gallery of conservatory installations
  • showroom access
  • official reviews via sites like
Grey on white glass conservatory roof interior
Tiled roof and golden oak conservatory

2. Pick the perfect position

Planning the position of your new conservatory is also a fundamental part of the process, as incorrect placement can result in a conservatory space that’s too hot (south facing in summer) or too cold (north facing in winter). The ideal position is a south-east or south-westly facing conservatory, to access an even amount of sun and shade throughout the day.

3. Conservatory planning permissions

One of the main advantages to a conservatory installation is that if it adheres to certain rules, it will fall within permitted development rights; meaning that it will be exempt from having to seek planning permission.

Relaxed planning permissions, applied in 2013, also allowed for larger limits on single-storey rear extensions and since June 2019 these have been made permanent in England only. This is great news for South Yorkshire homeowners who wish to build a conservatory up to 6m on an attached house and 8m for detached homes (outside designated land and Sites of Specific Scientific Interest and subject to the associated Neighbour Consultation Scheme).

Further advice on planning permissions
Chartwell green windows
Tiled roof on chartwell green conservatory

4. Conservatory building regulations

Your new conservatory may be exempt from building regulations, if it adheres to these rules. It's also important to note that conservatory building regulations state that putting a radiator in your new conservatory will not require planning permission, unless the radiator is connected to the main building’s central heating system.

Further support on building regs

5. New conservatory roof options

Most solid, tiled or glazed conservatory roof’s will not require planning permission, as long as it’s a maximum height of 4 metres high or 3 metres high if it’s within 2 metres of a boundary, thanks to permitted development rules.

Global Windows offer five fabulous conservatory roofing options;

  • Glass roof – Ideal as a sunroom, the inclusion of thermally efficient, solar controlled glass can proactively reflect up to 60% of the sun’s heat and 53% of the sun’s glare.
  • Tiled roof – Tiled conservatory roofs provide effective weather resistance, enhanced privacy and can be comfortably used all year round.
  • Solid roof / Guardian warm roof – Achieving outstanding insulative properties for year round enjoyment, its solid roof aesthetics also give it the more permanent look of an extension.
  • Roof lanterns – Offering a fantastic raised ceiling, roof lanterns eliminate damp and condensation issues whilst making the space feel brighter, lighter and spacious.
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guardian warm roof conservatory

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