Approximately 900 homes in Britain are broken into through the door every day.

But, did you know that 85% of lock break-ins are caused by burglars snapping the lock?

Watch how quickly a locked door can be opened that hasn’t utilised the Ultion Anti-snap lock:

Ultion – B2C from Brisant-Secure on Vimeo.

We’re sure you’ll agree how shocking it is just how quickly seasoned burglars can breach a door that doesn’t have an Ultion lock in place.

Even more worrying, 58% of burglaries happen whilst you’re home.

So, the question is: How secure is your home?…

The tried and tested Ultion Anti-snap lock offers homeowners across Sheffield and South Yorkshire the ultimate home security system when it comes to impenetrable door locking systems.

Why are Ultion Anti-snap locks becoming the lock of choice for safety-conscious families?

1. Dependable defence

Ultion is so confident that your home will be protected from break-in, they guarantee £1000 in compensation should an intruder manage to burgle your home by snapping the Ultion lock.

2. Double Anti-Snap assurance

Intruders need to snap the Ultion lock twice before they can see its core.

3. Lock Down Mode

The Ultion lock can proactively detect if it’s being attacked, and this is when a hidden lock activates for additional security.

4. 25% thicker than iron

By utilising Molybdenum within its design, used in the production of military aircraft, the Ultion lock successfully provides increased strength, hardness, corrosion and wear resistance and can withstand pressures of up to 300,000 pounds per square inch.

5. 294,970 unique key combinations

With pins and plates made from high-quality hardened steel, this is twice as many pins normal locks can offer.

6. Effectively resists lock drilling, bumping, picking and snapping

An exclusive anti-pick pin prevents lock picking, drilling or bumping.

7. Highest TS007 standard (3 stars)

The Ultion lock is tested to the needs of the British Standard TS007 3 star standard, making expensive reinforced handles a thing of the past.

8. Self-cleaning anti-jamming keyhole

Mechanical faults from dust and debris entering the keyway are a thing of the past with an Ultion lock, thanks to its high-tech internal contours.

9. Endorsed by industry champions of safety

The Ultion lock is approved by the Master Locksmith Association and the official UK Police flagship initiative Secured By Design, providing homeowners with the ultimate peace of mind.